Meet Sharmont Influence Little

Entrepreneur, Poet,

father and motivational speaker

Sharmont “Influence” Little is a Poet from New Haven Ct. Who has been called engaging, prolific and truly passionate.  He uses the art form of Spoken Word to deliver his message and belief, as quoted by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

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- Sarah J. Bratchell

  Certified Art Teacher

  Creative Consultant & Artist

I have had the honor and privilege of working and collaborating with Sharmont Influence Little for nearly 20 years.  As a certified teacher I have witnessed the impact Sharmont has had on both students and educators. His multifaceted approach to creative expression, education, and community organizing has had powerful residual effects on many.  Post-performance student feedback has included phrases like “Truly inspiring” and “Influence is an incredible poet” I have been able to utilize the content of his performances as a  catalyst for important dialogues within my classroom around themes that include the intersections of race, class, gender as well as social justice.  Sharmont’s performance style resonates with a variety of audiences and catalyzes social engagement. Whether involved in community leadership, the creative process/performance, or education Sharmont’s commitment to the community and igniting agency into the youth is unparalleled.   I have been truly lucky to have worked alongside him on several initiatives, and am eager to witness the trajectory of inspiration Sharmont will create moving forward.  He is, and has always been the creative revolutionary voice guiding our community towards the path of progress.  


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