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His venture began as far back as 2000, with his first album “Verbal Tears” being released in 2007.  Never underestimating the power of words to alter young minds, Influence set out to make a palpable impact in the world, beginning his journey in colleges and high schools all over the country. It wasn’t long before he was recognized for his dynamic performances and powerful message. Soon after, he was featured in the media, sharing stages multiple celebrities over the years. Influence then ventured out of the country and went on to wow fans in England and Australia, gaining audiences of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. 

Today, over 20 years later, his brand “Influence A Life” is a staple in the community, hosting transformational workshops, poetry performances and coordinating holiday charities aiming to feed families in need. His company is on demand and his expertise sought after by renowned organizations such as UCONN, Yale and Clifford Beers just to name a few. His partnerships have served as prominent platforms, facilitating his reach to wider audiences, continuing to change the world around him, with the power…. of influence.

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Father  | Poet  |  Entrepreneur  |  Motivational Speaker 


"Embrace Your Greatness."



Winning over 100 slams nationwide may seem like his highest achievement, but if you know anything about Sharmont “Influence” Little, you know that his greatest accolade has been his influence over the lives of millions. His mission? To use his mastery of words to influence and penetrate the mind, in order to engage and enlighten audiences like you.


Poetry Performer


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Brand Apparel

INFLUENCE A LIFE, LLC is an active member in the community.

We are proud to be partners with these great companies and more.

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