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From groups as small as three and crowds larger than 100,  Sharmont "Influence" Little has been conducting workshops since 1999. He has invested into his Community of New Haven, CT while partnering with renowned organizations such as Yale, UCONN, Clifford Beers and many others. He has also had the privilege of traveling around the world with his company and has educated audiences as far as England and Australia. Today, Influence continues his passion for teaching, performing and transforming lives all over the world.


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"There is a lot of anxiety and fear surrounding the reopening of schools, what is safe, what is best for families, etc. One of the largest and most valid fears is that students are missing out on valuable learning experiences and life experiences. While this looks different for us all right now, there are Teaching Artists like Influence conducting unbelievably valuable programs digitally. I have witnessed Influence engage parents and kids alike in person, and I have seen him engage groups of teenagers online. Influence was able to facilitate a Spoken Word poetry event on Juneteenth that engaged teenagers to think about and process the Racial Uprising in our country. They shared personal experiences, responded to poetry performances, asked questions, and challenged the adults that were present. Though I was silently sitting in, I was moved to tears and to action. Influence has the ability to connect with young people in a way that is unique and profound--no matter the format."


Alex Novak Foster, M.Ed.
Education Manager
Arts for Learning CT


Poetry Performer


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